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How to sell your things on-line.

Member Listing Selling
You personally have something to sell then you can use the Member Listing.  If it is the business that has something to sell well there is th e~commerce listing to consider [as an ECA].   Would you would feel more secure if there was a third party involved to ensure safety and a secure transition of goods and services for cash?  TripleClicks offers its members this opportunity.  Between the seller and the customer there is TripleClicks acting on both parties behalf ~as an escrow ~ as Wikipedia puts it acting as that 'third-party on behalf of transacting parties.' 

Heres how you go about the marketing your product to a world full of prospective buyers. Considering there are over 100,000 alone thats a big market already there to tap into.  These basic steps are not much different from the selling or affiliate marketing of any other product.   

You need to do four things.

Firstly find out how much the shipping will cost to send the item to where in the world or choose to have your item a Pick Up item and avoid the shipping fees.  The choice is yours if you want to track the parcel until it gets to the client but the end result is the client pays for the tracking and your price goes up. 

Secondly  write a description of up to 700 words as well as up to three photos.  Catchy long tail key phrases may help your sales pitch. Clear concise and definitely in focus pictures would greatly help your products sellability.

Thirdly are you going to state a price or have a "Make an Offer" option? Either way the sale is not closed until the money has been paid by the customer.

Fourthly there  are only five steps from the registering to the bank and they are below.
  1. Register for free a TripleClicks member account.
  2. Purchase some TCredits from here.
    1. The cost of the packs are as follows 
      1. 1single TCredit = $1.99
      2. Pkt of   10 = $    5.60
      3. Pkt of   20 = $    9.20
      4. Pkt of   50 = $  19.90
      5. Pkt of 200 = $$58.00  
        1. [ as at Oct 2012 that is so for current price confirmation click here]
  3. List your items - each item costing you one credit [ the cost of which varies depending an the amounts of which you have purchased.  Small amount of cost = higher cost of TCredit ratio used.
    1. This is important to note as each item you list uses 1 TCredit.
  4. You get notified when someone purchases something.
  5. When the client confirms that they have received what they purchased then you get paid the following Thursday [or the next working day if Thursday is a holiday].
    1. You can let the money accrue in value if you intend to sell other things at no extra cost.
    2. Chose a system of 'cashout'
Each time someone purchases an item then you get a credit amount into wherever it was that you chose. The most the listing will cost is 29 cents per listing.  And that is the only cost involved.
A couple of things to note here too:

Once you have listed something that listing does not expire.  It stays there until that item has sold.  Once sold an email with a link is sent to you.  Now you know who purchased and also who to send the product to.  Just print out the instructions and include the packing list within the shipment.


Member Listings (Products) FAQs

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