Sunday, 17 March 2013

4 primary steps to take enabling Affiliate Marketing to not become spam!

Typically to many people being an affiliate marketer means coming across an item that catches your eye them 'sharing' that item everywhere.  Then, again and again repeating the cycle zillions of times through out your short life as an affiliate marketer - this action is called spamming.  The back flack of this methods is that viewers close off and you earn little. The truth be told there is an art to Affiliate Marketing that centers on a four way process.

  • The catch cry for those in the know is "Content is King".
    • The search engines are looking for something that no one else has.  That something is content.  On your blog embed the code for the advert in between adding your own picture and other content.  
      • Share that post around the internet.  
        • Visual board the post with all the photos, videos and so forth on display. 
        •  Join appropriate forums, groups, communities and share through these as well.
      • Actually upload onto the selling sites as well.
    • Rather than just pin the adverts create a picture frame of intent to sell which also adds content to your post.

    • Where "content is King" and everyday more another post with content is shared all around the place so people get use to your avatar  icon etc.  They click on the post and yes they may even get curious about that picture and share or click on it.  
    • You could say content is like medicine.  "With a little bit of sugar the medicine goes down...."  With a little bit of content the trust factors go up.... and so to will the click rate.  Try this method for 31 days and see what I mean.
  • Having sites filled with advertising scare people away from going there.  
    • Google for instance has been discouraging people from carrying widgets on the sidebars of their  sites. When users of mobile phones open your site they see the Left corner first. Have a widget there and they click off as time is of an essence. Scrolling across is effectively time wastage. 
    • The SEO's tend to now 'avoid' widget filled sites in favor of streamlined clean sites. Again, I believe this is akin to the human time management aspects of getting in and out quickly. 
  • Viewers who visit platforms just turn off.  You loose followers but the companies loose commercial value as their 'real estate' gets spammed constantly.
    • I have been on several visual platforms and spent a good few minutes just scrolling down until I have found a non advert picture.  
    • Other times you hit on a picture and a scam message pops up blocking immediate link through to the post you might be wanting to either read or re-pin onto your main boards
  • Companies blocking the goods, that you want to make a living selling, from their site.  Check the actual focus of the place you are putting your add on to.  Read the policies and do research as to what that companies focus actually is.  Now do your adds fit within that focus?  With a little hard work and creativity how can you actions now fit into their policies? If the platform that you are placing you adds becomes inundated with adds for bikinis for youth and it 's focus is for the aged how does this fit?   Alter the adverts to suit the viewers and the company and you might come up with one piece suits to wear in a remedial spa treatment for arthritis. Now write something about what it is and how it fits within the concept of where it is going to be placed.  Like any good tenant help clean the place up rather than litter the area.  Companies are worried about their virtual real estate value.  Low real estate is equivalent to closing the site down.  Should this occur where then will you post your adds?

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