Monday, 18 March 2013

How do I use my blog to best promote SFI?

In partial answer to question the following answer has three parts.

1)  Before you promote your SFI and TripleClicks 'selling posts' what are your actual posts like?

  • Rearing it's head again this year the catch cry for many years has been "Content is king".  Write original 1 page posts/feeds.
  • Include a selection of original to your hand [i.e. you own] photos, diagrams, videos and presentations.
  • Use quotes and authors as a lead into the product feedback.
  • Acknowledge resources and back-links at the bottom of the page.  Even if the resources are your other posts.
  • Make very clear that the post is about income potential. Even if promotion or selling products
  • Ask for comments.
2)  These are basic protocols for all users / writers of blogs. The focus of writing the post is not to 'hit them on the head with buy! Buy! BUY!! but,for the writer of the post to gain a trust factor while also 'drawing' the viewer into becoming a consumer for life.  Either as a purchaser or an affiliate.  1 post 1 main focus.  2nd focus equals a second post. Meaning you want to sell a pet product.  Then write about the pet product on one post.  Re-occurring posts then touch on [and back link to] that pet product.

 Back link to other posts where applicable.

  Once these are done start to add a mixture of the following:
  • Embed 1 x TripleClicks  product  in the post where applicable.
  • Embed 1 x SFI product [ie banner or button] where appropriate.
3) A question to ask yourself is where is your blog post going to go when you publish it?  Who will see it?  How are you going to increase your page search engine page rank?

Something that many people are not aware of is that publishing too many products/ services for sale posts will narrow your search engine optimization opportunities down.  That said Facebook's changes a few days ago align with what other large 'hosts' [for want of a better name] focus.  

To reiterate:  writing or / and publishing within a tunnel vision of interest will reduce the other opportunities for viewers. While direct over promoting results in less trust from your viewers and thus they ignore both you and your posts. 

My apologies for this post being so long however I hope this assists you with your quest.

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