Saturday, 13 October 2012

Understanding the Gateways tracking codes

When a person  becomes an affilate or a business offers products for sale through the ecommerce  gateways they are assigned a number.  This number is then assigned to all the keycodes and used for tracking purposes. To find your own affiliate number open your SFI page and then simply click here.

Every affiliate is assigned to their own unique SFI Gateway Website that they can use in promoting their own business.  These ar used when referrring tripleClicks customers  Sponsoring SFI affiliates

As of October 12th 2012 the following are my SFI Gateways.  If you are not already an SFI affiliate you are welcome to have a look.

At magazines
Direct Sales Gateways
My Sfi Gateways
Pricebenders Gateway
Sell your products at Triple Clicks
SFI "Free' Gateway
Song of the Month
Triple Clicks Gateway
Triple Clicks Free Sample Gateway


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