Saturday, 13 October 2012

What is the SFI's "Hit Tracker" ?

A few days ago I did three things with regard to my SFI social presence being out there.

Firstly I started this blog and placed the banners onto both the 1st page and the side column. In order to place the banner on I needed to choose a simple not a dynamic setting though.

Secondly I feed these through

  • a few of the Facebook groups that I have found. 
  • Twittered the sight twice I think
  • Google+ Shared the site on publishing

And that was all.  Today I found my Hit tracker results.... 13 page hits.  I also found that for some reason I had not had the key coder running at that time so I must find out how to do this too.  Even without the key coder running the Hits were still allocated to my Hit Tracker.

Since the SFI Hot Tracker is reset automatically on a Sunday I am going to enjoy knowing I can view these statistics too.

Another thing I read is that I can reset them myself [bearing in mind the Automatic reset period].   Currently a selection of products are being associated with a variety of blog posts created.  The campaign will begin on Monday [after reset has occurred].  With the new information on hand the updated information will be recorded for this initial foray into affiliate marketing below.

I have found this Hit Tracker not confusing at all for the small business person interested in ecommerce wanting to run their own marketing campaign.

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