Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to respond to a 'e~commerce affiliate' opportuity

Today I received a letter from a business wanting me to import and on-sell their handbags.  My response to the company is the following.

David I cannot afford to import.  But I do know how to organize a team to sell on line.  If you need help let me know.

You need to know that there is also another way to do this.

How would you like to become an 'e-commerce affiliate' that run the handbags with over 60000 other items and services.  Through a company I am with I offer business to place their products on line.  It is free to join.  Basically simple to use.  Once the Handbag sell the company deduct roughly 15%.  Sales people are everywhere around the world so you need not worry about that side of things.  

What this means for you: Personally you become the retailer.  Hint for sales directly to the public charge the public public prices.  This covers postage and handling and the 15%.  With the added bonus of you gaining more of the profit margin.

Here is the contact gateway  for you to look and see.  I will guide you through the steps.

This may even bring in your new year with greater prosperity.

So what do you think?  Do you know any businesses wanting to further sell their products, not pay [and train] the extra employees you will need when the products start selling.

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