Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why the Wave 3 is more than 'Just a sticker"

What has a bell got to do with a Wave 3 gift opportunity?  Read on..

Have you ever considered receiving a gift certificated "Wave 3 membership [also known as W 3]". 

What is behind this 'gift' opportunity? When I joined SFI there were stars shooting and bells were glowing. Opportunities and possibilities abound.

Here is my story... Initially I had a car.  So I joined W3. When first I received my W3 sticker I left it in the envelope.  I admit I really did not understand what being a W3 member could 'do' for the SFI business I was learning about. In fact I doubted that something so small in cost could gain benefits that I now understand better.  Three of these benefits include a place for you in the running of a monthly $250.00 prize ~ as well as other prizes. What do you think of the monthly free music downloads?

 Of course by the time I opened the envelope I now did not have a car to stick it onto and then send a photo in to W3 of me and a vehicle the sticker was displayed on so I did not initially fulfil the simple requirements.  What I did not understand was I could 'borrow' a friends car and then display the sticker on that car.  

That is my story. The bells are still there. However they are there now with a greater understanding on my behalf of W3 I would like to share this, the W3 opportunity with you. Just reply back to this email and I will gift certificate you with your W3 membership.  You you really want to miss out on the W3 opportunity - learning about it through missing a 'gift horse in the mouth?'.

Of course you may check up .  Attached is your direct Wave 3 check up link.  When you are ready for this gift please drop me a note to cve4mesfi@gmail.com and, with pleasure I will forward one to you.

Now rather than having a dusty old bell standing there for all to see our collective Wave 3 membership - throughout the world - can bring music to everyone's ears.  After all is outcome one that the Wave 3 program is about?


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