Monday, 25 February 2013

Whats with TripleClicks Gift Vouchers and Bargain Hunters

Imagine that you know what you are looking for ~ be it a reward for yourself or gift for someone else. You go to any online store and just visit.  Your money is low but with so many stores all over the show the choice is unlimited.

Now remember that you have a gift card [ or three] you can redeem with your purchase.  You find what you were looking for [ and a lot more bargains galore].

Gift Card redemption allows the recipient to view with directed vision in three major ways.  In this case to TripleClicks online stores.

  1. This use of the TripleClicks Gift Card directs the recipient to the TripleClicks online shop page.
  2. Narrowing the search down slightly allows the recipient to visit your e-Commerce store.
Now if you the Strong Futures International  and / or TriplecClicks member has a page that you need to promote your wares on you also benefit when the receiver of that card visits that page and purchases any of your goods and services and Red Hot Deals.

TripleClicks Gift Cards allow the receiver to go online and test the TripleClicks window shopping experience.  Now that's a WOW in action.

Are you wondering where the 3rd point is.... then carry on reading.

3. A Third WOW is that for every bargain that the Gift Card recipients find and purchase you the supplier of the Gift cards receives the MRPs attached to the gift Card.  Simple really as the Card has a tracking code connecting the buyer of that Gift Card to the recipient.

Please note:
Other than the Strong Futures international link by the time you have left this page there could have been financial gain occurred.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

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