Sunday, 24 February 2013

Here is your Invitation to TripleClicks

Have you ever visited TripleClicks.

I was just there and got distracted with a bid on one of the products that I have been wanting to purchase when I had the cash to do that.  There on the screen was an option to place a bid on that same item.

TripleClicks -Pricebenders is a penny auction. There are two financial things you must do.
  1. TripleClicks  [you could call this the host] allows you to purchase the "credits" [TCredits in this case] with which to bid.  The cost ranges from 1 Tcredit purchase to a 200 pack.  Of course the higher pack quantity you purchase the cheaper they are. 
    • Now each time you bid it you are a winner.  Yes it costs you 1 TCredit per bid ~ but earns you 5 MRP's [known as Member Reward Points].
    • It may seem strange that what is 'taken' is 'given back to you'.  
      • Why? You are asking!  Each product has an MRP value. These products may also be purchased with MRP's. Unfortunately using MRP's for payment means that payment is only with MRP's.
    • There is even is a TripleClicks ledger for you to keep track of any actions you have taken.

I was actually going to find out for you what exactly TripleClicks.  However once again I have been distracted.   The Silver76Pack usually retails for $64.06.   It sold on TripleClicks-Pricebenders today for $07.98 cents.  What it did not do was wait until I remembered that I was actually bidding on this item!

Oh well Good luck to the highest bidder.  Another time I will wait for the Silver76Pack to come back and hopefully I will not become distracted.

Please note:
Other than the Strong Futures international link by the time you have left this page there could have been financial gain occurred.

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