Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How far does a positive attitude impact on your journey

The other half of this is "Open your eyes and see . "

When two completely different things collide within your life positives can definitely emerge from the 'metaphorical' impact.

Interesting in sites I gained from reading the Ask SC questions today.  One particularly came across as short and very to the point written by an experienced SFI person.  I actually read the
comment three times and sat their thinking about their answer.  Short and to the point the answer may have been but the impact will keep being there with me.  Of course this was assisted by the cheque I received in the mail yesterday. 
Meet me there on your starting point.  

In effect the comment took me to the bridge  and the cheque propelled me along the journey across that bridge.

My suggest to you all is just keep going forward with your map,  widen

the edges of your reality enough to see the next horizon.  Go forward one step at a time.  Sometime life will have you jumping a few steps as well.

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