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How does "Play Game One [April]" work

All participants are registered within this Genealogy either as PSA's or CSA's.

April 2013 Prizes
The  Prizes for Play Game One [April 2013]

  • 1st Overall team leader = 60 TCredits
  • 2nd in line =  40 TCredits
  • 3rd in line = 30 TCredits 
There is one prize only per winner of the April 2013 game.

Guidelines and rules to play the game " Play Game One"

1) Your team must be made up of between one and five other people from within your your 'SFI Genealogy' team - as well as yourself. Team members may be CSA'a or PSA's.  The participants may register in order to "Play Game One [April]'

2)  Play Game one [April] opens at midnight 1st April 2013 and closes at midnight of April 2013.

  1. Please check corresponding Relevant pages included in Guidelines.
  2. Daily enter the T-Time and gain your minimum of 2 TCredits.
    1. Open and log into onto TripleClicks page.
      1. Under games tab hit the hourly T-Time giveaway - enter once per hour.
  3. You now have 2 TCredits.
  4. Open the Auctions section of Triple Clicks.
    1. Under "Bid Here' box is a "Pick the Price" options. As long as the current auction price is not more than $1.00 you may enter "Pick the Price". 
      1. You do not have to Bid on the Auction to place a "Pick the Price" entry.
    2. Should you win at any of the "Pick the Price" prizes the TCredits rewards vary between 200 and down to 50 TCredits
      1. Keep using only the TCredits you have been rewarded today for these steps 2 to 4. 
  5. With what you have now won in steps 2 to 4 go to the auctions again and bid.  
    1. Each time you bid you are awarded 5 MRP.
      1. Mondays gets you 2x MRP value awarded.  [i.e. 10 MRP per bid]
    Are you a winner yet?
    1. You now have MRP awarded to the auctioned item as well.
  6. With 126 MRP you can purchase 1 TC and 102VP when you purchase 1x TCredit.
  7. Since you have earned the MRP and VP at no cost but your time the Game continues for all of April.
    1. Commissions come out after the 10th of the next month.  
    2. Do not worry what ever way you go you are a winner.
Pages to use

Reference Shani547 forum answer

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