Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Now what is a PTP?

Since I am constantly coming across different methods of TCredit gains this PTP has me made me curious.  This is what I have found so far on the Pick-the-Price [PTP]

The PTP contest occurs with every features PriceBenders auction.

These are the steps for each new features auction.

  • Every day check when the new auction is due to start.
    • This is important as the PTP bid can only be placed on before the bidding has reached $1.00.  Yes that is correct one dollar.
  • Once you have opened up the features auction just click the actual PTP button, submit the amount that you think the item will sell for [ more than $1.25 (read below)]
What can you get from the PTP?
  • You may win 200 FREE TCredits if you have the winning PTP amount.
    • or 50 Free TCredits if you are the nearest amount under the winning amount.
  • You are not compelled to purchase anything nor are you compelled to place orders on the PTP auction.  So there is no purchase necessary should you win the PTP.
What are the costs?
  • A little of your time each auction while you place your PTP bid.
  • The actual cost factor is that you use 1 [one] TCredit just to place the PTP on.
  • You may want to keep an eye on the bidding though as if there the auction bids do not go past $1.25  there are no PTP winners for that auction.
    • Just in case of this situation it would pay to have a supply of TCredits on virtual hand.
The restrictions are ...
  • 1x bid per auction.
  • Although you may have several wins per day the re only one PTP prize per day allocated.
  • If the final bid is below $1.25 there are no PTP winners for that auction.
Remembering that this one method of gaining TCredits.

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