Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Panicked...Where did all my PSA's and CSA's just go?

Have you ever logged on happily and then melt down wondering just where have all the PSA's and CSA's gone to?

Point 1
Remember the Genealogy is down re indexing for maintenance purposes every day.  This has a big red font visual alert.  The report is complete when the message disappears.  Should you not have clicked off the page and relogged in [or just refreshed the page] then nothing will look like it has changed here.

Point 2
This being the case and you have ruled it out what is next to look into?
 Are you looking at the Full or condensed version of the Genealogy report.

Check which is being viewed by checking the 'button' is located at the top center of the Genealogy Page.... just under the Genealogy logo are the words "You are viewing the FULL Genealogy | Switch to CONDENSED** Genealogy"

Now if this does not work then there are several ways forward.

  • Contacting your sponsor sJoin a group
  • Reading the Ask SC
  • Submitting a question in either the forums or the 'AskSC'
  • Joining the forums
  • You may even have a A2A contact who has answers as well.  Ask them.
  • Join a group, Community or a club.
  • Contacting the SFI support

Hay it would be terrific to know your ideas on this subject. Please comment below if you know of any other ways to find the missing Genealogy links

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