Sunday, 24 March 2013

Why is SFI like a sunflower among affiliate marketing opportunities?

This is my first picture advisement aimed at those who want to DO something with their life, offer them challenges while also has the very real possibility of providing more than just a residual income.

This link : will take you to my gateway.  Love to hear from you.

The original photo that I took myself is of a sunflower in the vegetable garden out the back of where I live.  The sunflower is bright and was easily spotted from near by standing tall and happy as the elements weathered it.  That is what Strong Futures International is doing for those in this household.  These are practicalities that I would like to share with others like yourself.

I would love you opinion on this picture ~ as well as improvements that can be made as well.

My first feed back was from Facebook itself.  Kind of a subtle let~down effect that basically implied the next move was mine.  Accept the consequences at own pearil.

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