Sunday, 24 March 2013

My thoughts behind the " how can you encourage an affiliate to stay" challenge

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At times the frustrations outweigh the possibilities available. Had an old time sales man and his fairly new assistant knock on my door selling books.  The 'newbee' was great at putting forward his 'speal' and I was boarded. Just after the hot drink I shared with the salespeople the older sales person asked me one question.  He had spent time listening to the questions and answers.  His one question centered on me and my need.  I quickly brought what he was selling and felt great about handing over the limited amount of money I had.

That being said I do not think one can convince another person by sales talk and wishful dreams.  You superimposing your needed onto the other affiliate. Instead consider these two points.

1) Ask the affiliate to keep a list swap of places to post.  Many people have only heard of the platforms that their friends use avidly.  Thus the places to post the SFI opportunities have reduced scope.

For example most everyone knows the micro-blog site called twitter.  But have you heard of the one called Plurk?  There are so many different platforms appearing daily why not share them with every affiliate.

2) Many people are quiet happy to just use the share button without changing the words within the space. Personalizing your message to catch other peoples attention and draw then into wanting to view what you are sending out.

Remember that being an Affiliate of SFI means you do not have a 'job' - what you have is an opportunity that allows someone else an opportunity.  The trick is to find out what they want and how what you are doing can help them duplicate themselves as well.

Hope this is something you too can use in your opportunity.  Good luck.

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