Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A follow up letter for two musicians.

The newer Register and find out about SFI gateway.  Or the gateway that I had sent to me.

Now for the Wave3 gateway and the "Song-of-the-Month" gateway as well.
A brief explanation for Wave3 is here on this link.

I have added an e-commerce affiliate gateway- basically for business to place their products and services online so that 500,000 affiliates can help sell the goods and thus gain a commission.

Hopefully you found this email alright.

  • There is a lot of 'paper work' [ your one will turn up once you are registered hitting this link will then take you to your own affilaite profile page.]

  • Please remember to whitelist the sfi and my email address.

I admit there is a lot to absorb. But usually I am on hand.  We can met at public libraries or Neighbourhood Houses and borrow their computers if this is convenient.  Or if you want I can come with you an explain it hands on keyboard with some of your friends and acquaintances.

Did I mention that SFI is free to join.  Also there are ways of not spending any money [easier spending a little though and a lot more fun] as you build your income up.  Great tax deductions.  ANd if you are on CLink you inform them you have a small hobby business going and every three months give them a run down on costs and income.  This I can help guide you in the correct direction of as well [fringe benefit].  Thought I would add that in.  Basically what this means is your telephone and internet, plus recording and travel expenses are tax deductions.  So too is the accountant and bookkeepers at a later date.


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