Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Follow up letter to two cheerful people on a cold wet day.

We met this afternoon.  Hopefully you two were able to last out the wind and not get stuck to the concrete.*:-SS nail biting

Anyway as I mentioned please check the Spam or trash folders if you do not get the other email. 

The first gateway I am sending you is the invitation to make extra income.   For this you register.  Have on hand a photo, your tax file number and your twitter handle and facebook address.  

My suggestion is that you both register separately.  You will understand the support mechanisms better later.  To do this step the following occurs.  1 of you registers [ fills out the 'paperwork' ] and confirms the registration.  Next with the dot points below proceed as follows
  •  On the dark gray navigation bar [just under your photo]  and three words from the right is a tab that says "My Account" .
  • Open
  •  Scroll down "My Account" and find "Gateways'... 3 words down.
  • open
  • My Gateways list.
  • Now choose an invitation for the 1, 3 or 4 to your friend.
  • They open and register as well.
When you have confirmed the registration and you are an affiliate these are the next steps.
  • Send the Wave3 gateway [- Promotes singers and musicians]
  • as well as the "Song-of-the-Month" Artist Gateway [ - a contest for artists].

Well I had better get to writing the second email to you now.

It would be terrific to know that by speaking to you and sending you these links you are on the way to being internationally promoted.  Simply what I am showing you just duplicate it with other musicians and singers that you know and this will also help you with your income but will also help your friends and acquaintances as well.*&gt;:D< big hug

Will catch up with your emails tomorrow.


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