Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Training is a game

SFI has a wonderful launch pad.  However people feel ragged after the first few days during that time they have registered and are launching themselves into SFI with preconceived ideals and pressures to prove themselves.

I find that games are helpful  to get around the feeling of being bombarded. By playing a 'game' people are more likely to be receptive to repeatedly push the same buttons. [Think of Pavlov's dog training experiments].  When that person does something automatically they reward themselves by something they think is appropriate to them.

you are no longer just you and your computer going over the steps one step at a time - wondering if you have run out of ideas or even missed something.  I you feel stale or like you need a break then this will reflect in what you do and how you approach things.

Example of a game...
Simply I draw a grid of two x vertical and two x horizontal in a box.

For me the top Left square is blank. On this blank square I physically place the different cards which tell me what order  I am going to do what today. When I pull out one of these cards that tells me to place a message the rest of the grid is used.

The top and side boxes are numbered.

Insert along the top line  three keyword[s] - same along the outer vertical row.

For instance these six words may be :team, versapoints, emotion, where to, what if.... the list is long and so these six words may change frequently

Each day I look for three different things which I can share by 'Stream" / "Genealogy" or "Leadership" blog about simply by pulling out of a 'hat' a number from the top and another from the side. These may correspond with todays words being 'VP's' and 'How to'.

Rewards: Since the top left is now filled with "where cards" the top right has a spare box named self rewards.Refer above.

I hope that the instructions for the game is clear.  Should you proceed with making your own have fun with it.

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