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Why is is better to be an ECA as well as an Executive Affiliate?

Is it better to be just a Strong Futures International [SFI] affiliate, or, if the opportunity is there, what about being an e~commerce affiliate [ECA] as well?  Although neither requires the other oft times these two do complement and stimulate the benefits of each other as is set out below.  Please also check the backlinks to the official SFI posts re the commission distribution brake downs.

That as an ECA you receive only the profits from your products that you sell [and an affiliate will earn 45% CV Direct Commissions on what they sell of your products]. However as an Executive Affiliate as well as an ECA you receive the Personally Sponsored Affiliates [PSA] Commissions and TripleClicks pool shares.  Plus from the other sources such as the VP from your sales, games rewards, music contests, CPA's and so forth.

What does this all mean.

Let us start at the basics.

Any person who is a registered member of Strong Futures International is automatically an Affiliate.  Once that person as 1,500 VersaPoint to there name for that calendar month they then move up one level.

This may be through sales [ retail or personal] or having developed a team of forward moving affiliates.  Say you have 5 people sponsored under you [somewhere on a front level] then you receive 5 x 100 VP - or 100VP per person.  The greater the level of team leader the higher the VP passed through the lines back to you - that is to the 12th level depending on your team leader rank [Bronze to Platinum].

Often people affiliates concentrate on staggering these suggestions.  While some purchase in a standing order a monthly 1,500 VP [ plus the extra 100 VP for the standing order they receive [ total 1,600 VP +]  Just a point here.  Once your 3,000 VP level [Bronze Team Leader] has been reached the VP points begin to double and thus so affect the monthly payout. Note ~ as you work with your affiliate team helping them too to gain the various levels your payouts are enhanced.  Literally the more you 'pay it forward' with assisting others to make it work the better you are off... and so to is everyone else.

Affiliates also start to either find platform on which to onsell any goods and services offered by the ECA's or they actively look around for both people and business who have products and services to sell.

Now once that new ECA places their first product for sale for other affiliates to promote and onsell through their own post circles that person who has sponsored the ECA receives 100VP.
Products purchased may be 'picked up' by the customer.  This means the traffic through an ECA's physical store has increased.  With higher traffic the ECA physical store is able to 'tempt' the client to purchase a secondary purchase as well as the original one.  Thus any further orders will increase.  As you can see this strategy works hand in hand as it is designed to be.

A further outcome is that by having your physical clients also joining SFI and TripleClicks so that they may order you SFI and TripleClicks business has grown. One feeding into the other hand in hand again. Ask yourself this... what if your physical customer is looking for a second income - or another outlet for their goods and services.  Will they become your next ECA?  Think about the benefits below...

Business are always looking for a new way to attract new customers
Working with the ECA you now have sponsored has another outcome.  The sponsor receives up to 10% of th Commission Volume [CV].  Multiply this CV by the amount that is passed through and you understand why the sponsor will be encouraging their own team to help promote and onsell their teams products and services.

The other SFI Affiliates as well as the sponsor benefit further with on selling products as their
are commissions  Member Related Points as well as VP's attached to most anything TripleClicks has to offer.

Check out the ScoreBoard tab on your Affiliate site.  These descriptions and well as figures start to make sense.  Especially so when the figures a) change on the scoreboard and B) the bank deposits come through after the 10th of the following month.

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