Monday, 22 April 2013

What is one follow up approach can I use ?

Hopefully you can smile at the subject title.

We were discussing sending gifts to other people minus the postage one day while I was 'only buying a loaf of bread and $94 of milk and meat later....'.
Someone may have the desire for dance lessons near you.
Have you checked if these dance schools are ECAs or
they may find a book or video of their choice  about that topic.

What I have done is write a couple of blog posts that should cover just about everything we discussed in  bit more detail.  Gift Certificates are one means of quickly sending that 'choice of gift

When the page opens there are tabs that directly link onto different pages of interest.  'The Products' page has a wide variety of product selections available.    Have a play around with the tabs.  

Please get back to me for any further answers you seek.

Catch you around soon

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