Friday, 11 January 2013

How about a Silver76Pack to celebrate with?

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

A little piece of .99 fine silver makes building up and diversifiying your savings and investment strategies with small and a little more affordable investments.  Ask nyourself " how many times have you been left out in the cold" all those hot tips and nothing to draw back on and invest in while the other early birds got the worms [so to speak]. 

 Great for gift ideas and special occasions. Even as a currency is
those future turbulent times for yourself and your family members.

Used to be a child turned 21 and the keys to the family home became his [or hers] and yes times have changede.  Rather than a set of key to come in gift instead - a Silver76Pack bar on their way out your front door!  Even easier to carry out than the glorry box and furniture dowries that many females take with them from your home upoin their wedding day.

Comes as one troy ounce bar with dimensions of 30mm x 51mm with a thickness of 3 mm silver.
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