Sunday, 24 February 2013

Your 'SFI -What works for you' "Club"

Do you ever actually read Jerry's posts when you write on your stream?  The other day I found that Jerry's post was very relevant to my situation.  He was writing about attending a local SFI 'Club" where you can go for a chat, pick up ideas, and all the other interesting things that happen when people have the time to get together.  Now that was the catch.  Get Together.

Reading this caused a reaction  that ended with me now inviting you to look into
                                                           What works for you?  

Copy and past and this Google Community will appear.  You will need to have the Google access to get on but to those who do this will be a terrific interactive community 'Club' to belong to.

PS  BYO friends as well.

Please note:
Other than the Strong Futures international link by the time you have left this page there could have been financial gain occurred.

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