Friday, 22 March 2013

Be open to opportunities

What is simpler than...

Ideally one of the basic fundamental steps is to duplicate, duplicate and duplicate.  The simple three step process is so basic and simple that many people push this simplicity to one side and do what they think or 'know' is best for them.  When it does not work of course their approach was not wrong but the whole thing ends up costing them time and money for a small divided in results.  Disenchantment occurs and ....they leave.
Which way to begin?

Where many people think that affiliate marketing  means just sign up, learn the minimum and then get out there and promote products to all and sundry that is not the case with Strong Futures International.  You can choose to work SFI like this ~ but the ongoing residual returns basically then finish when you stop placing product adds or people have lost trust in what you post and thus do not even check things out.

SIX hours later an opportunity come...
Having watched the video a post was written. But the You Tube link was still open and Six hours later  someone had logged in a comment.

Be open to opportunities...
In Reply to the YouTube Comment from Stephen Tailby, who having watched the video left a comment of weather SFI was "real or spam?". My answer to Stephen was that SFI is:
 "A genuine money maker.  The challenge is to do it 'correctly'
 and you succeed.  
Here is your invitation  along with
 the ultra simple SFI Basics... three steps.  

Smile  and check it again. Catch up with your soon."

As I was trying to catch Stephens attention this link as well as the answer has been left throughout Stephens Profiled sites.

Yes I am looking forward to helping Stephen Tailby realise that Strong Futures International can assist him with his other projects he is currently involved in.

What I recommend is that you

  1. Register [ it's free of course to register.
  2. Start to use the basic three step method.
  3. Fast track the lessons but keep in mind that you are always looking to duplicate, duplicate and duplicate.

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