Saturday, 23 March 2013

STOP! Are you chasing an opportunity? Check here cause you've just found it.

What a wonderful thing the internet is.  Primarily because there are friends in many different countries .  Strangers too... but they are friends that I have not met yet. However in many countries people can get one service or another.
Strong Futures International [SFI] - a place where
small change can make  a change within your life.
Facebook in some countries and Google in neighbouring areas - primarily depending on what the Government decreases is best for that country to utilize.

This being the case many people miss out on great opportunities.

Somethings cannot be helped without strategy
A few friends living on the African continent  that cannot use the Google service.  When a post is published through to Facebook they may miss out on the information included. Other places like Pakistan where the electricity goes out on a regular basis for a few hours nearly each day. In this case I recommend that they register with the Facebook application called NetworkedBlog.  Then follow cve4me's blogs such as Blogging - a virtual journey and the cve4me'sSFI blog.  Between these two blogs are how too's on either SFI and the virtual environment that people with the internet operate within. They are either under Networkedblogs : cve4me or Susan Connor.

Why miss out on an opportunity?
As many of my friends are aware I have been looking around on-line for something that helps people be able to start to make a living in exchange for their labor.  Labor being more plentiful that money in many cases. The question to ask yourself is : are you ready to grab hold of this opportunity right here, right now? The company I have found has

  •  A fourteen year history 
  •  A AAA rating on international Affiliate Marketing measure sites
  • Cost to join is free
  • Training is free
  • Interaction between affiliates is both supportive, informative and absorbing
  • The basic principles are a "basic three point plan"
  • You work from where ever you are.
  • The minimum monthly qualifying procedures are obtainable in many different ways
    • However if you follow that basic three point plan you have no worries there.
Could I just sell the products?
Yes there is always selling of the above 56,000 online products as well.  Only selling is not the way to achieve what you want to achieve.  Besides it floods the market and backlogs the servers with spam. Thus blogs are place in-situ.

The results of my investigations are these
I has taken me a while to wade through and test out different methods. I have not finished yet either.

Would you be interest in marketing this opportunity where you can reach your potential as many have proven they can?

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