Friday, 22 March 2013

Just how can a simple sentance hold you back from your future.

Beware of those who have a negative impact on your success rate. I give the following example as well as how SFI's AskSC is making a positive impact upon me:  

My experiance
When I was 17 and newly engaged a very determined spiteful old lady held my hand and said....
" when you are successful you will die". 
 Now, 35 years later, I realise that subconsciously I have held this sentence deep in my memories.  This statement has colored everything I have done as I have got so far then withdrawn. Of course who actually really wants to challenge that fate!  However it took me years to realise she wanted me to marry into her family that is her son twice my age so that money I attracted would benefit her family finances.  That meant of course not marring my fiance and thus she sort to control or to destroy both my creativity and business flare as I went against her wished.  Sounds a bit far fetched but this was a real life experience for me. And later too for our family.

Does this relate to Strong Futures International? Clicking and voting my way through the AskSC answers I was interested to find an answer that in part stated:
....individuals will have to cultivate a certain amount of self motivation that drives them to do what they need to do if they are looking for results."  To the writer of this  statement I would like to pass on my thanks.  This statement is the key to unlocking the door to my future.


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