Thursday, 21 March 2013

How and Why transfer TCredits.

When I have seen affiliates in my Strong Futures International genealogy struggling.  Just about making their first or second level and the end of the month rolls around. I have often wondered how I could be of assistance. Yes there are
Gift Cards but I have also found that you can transfer TCredits.  Oh course sending them a small note will help too or they may be wondering if they had miscalculated somewhere along the line.

What are TCredits
TCredits are used for bidding on auctions through TripleClicks. Affiliates of Strong Futures International  [ SFI] also may choose to purchase TCredits as part of their monthly standing orders for the EA minimum qualification.  Yes it is that simple.  However duplication is a major key to any business and so I like to share the TCredits I have with the ESA's or PA+SA's within my genealogy.

Packets of 1 or up to 500 per packet... price varying.
Mind you ~ Every time I open this page there are so many products flashing across the page I am constantly tempted to bid.  And so by sharing my TCredits I believe that I am helping those within my down line grow and profits as well.

Limit .
Point of note: 10 TCredits per PSA and CSA is all that can easily be shared at any one time.  Just hit the contact button and by contacting Support and requesting a waiver if you want to send more to that affiliate you can do so.

How To Transfer TCredits

  • Go to Geneology 
  • Scroll to last tab ["TCredits"]
  • Hit the tab
  • Next to each affiliates sign up date there is :  "Transfer TCredits" option.
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer.
  • Submit
Hope this information explains what, how and why I enjoy this method of quietly helping others gain their financial freedoms ~ or even shopping within their budget of time and money.


Source: via Susan Connor on Pinterest
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