Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's this about VersaPoints?

How do you gain VersaPoints?
  • When you have a standing order [SO] of at least 1500 VP you are allocated 100 VP for that month.
    • Two things to be aware of here
      • the SO is before the 10th of the month - however the SO's VP are allocated on the 15th for that month.  This probably allows for the weekend when process time has downtime!
      • An EA starts at the Standing order minimum
Do all products get VP's
Often changes happen when methods are reviewed.  However the basics of gaining VersaPoints and thus a larger share of the pool is still based on what Zig Ziglar once said.  That "You can get everything you want if you help enough others get what they want ".  Basically the greater amount of exposure you place out there with your SFI and Triple clicks products [Pricebenders auctions, Wave 3, IAHBA, Web pages and so forth] the greater CV, MRP and VersaPoints you have flowing through your Ledgers.

As a comparison 
  • A PC Software Bundle gains 8.00VP
  • 1 x TCredit gains you 102.00 VP when purchased  [ and 5 MRP too]
  • However there are often deals or reduced cost products that scroll down the Triple Clicks page for only a dollar or two.
  • At PriceBenders the Auction of a three month package for the IAHBE receives also the 4500 VersaPoints
Added to the above check the Comparison Chart
One of the big differences between the EA2  and team leaders who have a minimum of 3,000 VersaPoint is that at the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Team Leader level you receive VersaPoints Matching.    Depending on the rank you hold as a Team Leader the depth of matching VP alters.  As a Bronze Team Leader the depth is 6 levels.  As a Platinum Team Level the depth is to 12 levels.  The breath includes you PSA ansd CSA's.  A simple explanation is on the description of the TripleClicks Executive Pool   Section 2.

Why are Versa Points important? 
One of the first things you are introduced to when first an affiliate of SFI is the Compensation Plan.  Literally in black and white it is printed on the page [Section 2] that the VP you accumulate during the month is one share of that months 'pool'.  And since the 'pool' is money   one of these ways is to encourage your EA to become EA2's. T The more you do to duplicate your efforts the higher the share you have within that months 'pool.'

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