Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What happens with TCredits?

Have you ever wondered where the TCredits have gone, or why there seems to be more there today? Or even where they have come from in the first place?  There are certain products that have extra TCredits associated.  The TCredit Pack has 100 TCredits when associated with a standing order.  With this order the Standing order price is about a quarter savings for you.

How do you find your TCredit Leger?

  • Open up TripleCredits page.
  • Scroll down the page until TCredits Ledger comes up.
  • Hit on TCredits Ledger.
The page you are now at has the current PriceBender live auctions on the left. You are still able to bid while you are at the page.

The under three columns are displayed the following
  • The date
  • A description 
  • the TCredits involved in each action.
For instance

  • Each Pricebenders auction has a number.  Under this Auction number a cumulative bid deduction is displayed.  Thus you bid ten ties on that particular auction the -10 will be displayed.
  • When ever you give your down line a helping hand they can receive TCredits from you.  Of course these are recorded as a [- amount]  But since they can purchase products with these TCrecits  this gift will benefit you as well.
On the plus side
  • Place a 200 TCredit Purchase Order there you have gained 200 TCredits.
  • An order Credits Rebate is worth 4 TCredits.
  • Ratings are worth 1 TCredit.
  • Being an E365 winner gains you 5 TCredits
  • There are even Free Rank Credits for a particular month of 10 TCredits.
  • When you place items for sale in the Garage sale the listing cost you one TCredit.  And this cost is listed on your TCredit Ledger.
The TCredit ledger is handy as it displays for you exactly where TCredits have come from and where they have gone too.   

Please remember though that TCredits expire one year from when they are gained.  

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