Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A follow up letter to graphic designer re starting an e~commerce site for his graphic desiign workshop.

I met a person selling badges yesterday.  After discussion with him when I returned home I sent this email to him as a follow up.

Hello again.  I will be sending you another email as soon as I have written it that is.  Please check either the spam or trash folder should it not get through.

As I spoke to you you were thinking how to best assimilate SFI  into becoming a business.  How you Graphic Designs would fit in with SFI.  And was I really just feeding you a line of Bull S..t .  The best advise I have is open the gateway link I will enclose.  Register[ yes it is free] by filling out and completing all the registration details.  When completed within the first 24 hours of opening the link you will be one up on me.  A 'fast Tracker' button on your screen will appear.  You will have also earned quite a few VersaPoints.  

Check out the launch pad training sessions.  [ At the bottom of each of these pages is a VersaPoint button [worth ten more points- hit those too].  You may choose to really make a dash through these and then refer back to them later as needed or you can choose to 'do' one or two a=on a daily basis.

 As you work you work your way through these training pages keep in mind that it really is as easy as they are telling you..  It is important that each day sees you back on your home page just working your way through the red worded tabs. 

When I next hear from you I will take you through the e~commerce section.  That way your complementing graphic designs and talent can also be put out there for sale. Affiliate marketers will then be able to onsell these opportunities as well- supplementing their income while promoting your graphic design business. 

Also important are the three buttons on the top right hand corner.  Hit the middle one - scroll down, check out the ultra simple plan.  Just use this three step method as you build you business .  Yes SFI is a business.  Like any other business opportunity this business too also awaits for you to open the doors and reach out to people..

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