Friday, 19 April 2013

Why presuppose your time management skills will be rewarded with positive interactions.

Time is of the essence. Strike while the thought is fresh through immediate follow up.

The scenario is that:
  You have the background knowledge.  Many hours of trial and error, 
participating in the AskSC and forums later. Along the way you have regularly 
participated in games such as T-Times, Pick the price and others. Taken part in
 rewards and incentives.  

The list goes on.

Now you have made a contact, listened to their needs.  Worked out an approach plan. Instigated it with the introduced of SFI and TripleClicks.  What have you to lose?

Groundwork!!!  Yes groundwork.  If you're leaving the online inquiry until too late then the flare of interest shown might have been put out by the time you get back to it.  Keeping in contact [but not spamming the other person] is an art in itself.  However there are tools that you can build beforehand - it is then easier to utilise these tools and continue to flame your contacts desires.

One tool is your profile.  Can they find you on whatever site you are registered with.

Physical reminders such as a T-Shirt or mug at work that has the SFI logo embossed on it.

What about the idea of swapping business cards that have your name and gateway on them?  Once someone has contacted you have you pre-written a response to their situation.  Place these on your Blog - even circulate these posts having altered the posts to suit the occasion and the area you are posting them into.

Initially the quickness of a response was suggested.  Hopefully you have a few ideas from this post enabling you to further use your time management skills and hook in that contact successfully.

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