Monday, 22 April 2013

How does a TC Gift Certificate work for you?

Sending someone a physical gift can be really easy  - After you have hunted out and found what you want to purchase for that purchase it, wrap and address it, then send or give the gift to the recipient correct?  Often times the gift paper, insurance and postage being more than a mere gift is actually worth.  Some time later you find out that the recipient did not make use of or hid from friends and relatives your gift.

Cut these costs and embarrassment down with A TC Gift Certificate.  The Gift Certificate being
A Gift Certificate be Ideal as the recipient can then buy from
your ECA's and thus the benefit are coming upwards as well.
The recipient chooses their own gift, type, size and cost
- adding their own money if they overspend what you
are prepared to pay.

different from a TC Gift Card.

Here is how these TC Gift Certificates work.  First you become a SFI and TripleClicks registered member.  Yes ~ registration is free.

You purchase the Gift certificate.  Initially purchase of the gift certificate is inclusive of the
$10.00 USD that the Gift Certificate is purchased for - give the transfer of funds 1 to 2 days before activation occurs though.

Top ups are from $25.00 , $50.00, $75.00, $100.00, $200.00, $500.00 and lastly $1,000.00 amounts.

Now that you have purchased the card.. send it to the recipient Affiliate so that they can now use it.  If the recipient has not yet joined SFI then ask them to and send an accompanying SFI invitation to a second income.  Use this address  this time - but please place your SFI ID number where the XX's are

Out of all the Gifts are you sure that the one you have
 just sent to the recipient is what they actually
 want or need today?
When you purchased the Gift Certificate you allocated a certain time frame for the certificate to be used by.  Ineffect you give your present a use by date.  And you have reminded the affiliate to use it by that date.  Possibly even sent them a reminder team mail as well!   At this point one of two things can now happen.  The first being that with the gift certificate they have gone shopping.  The VP's, MRPS and so forth have now been registered in your scoreboard chart for next months commissions.  Good feeling here.

If not - and they have chosen not to use the Gift Certificate then the money and Gift certificate are automatically returned to you.  Yes you can top the Gift Certificate back up and send it to someone else who is on your affiliate list for their use.

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