Saturday, 20 April 2013

How have you found it is best to help an ECA start off ?

Admittedly this is something I am learning quickly how to do myself.

What has helped me understand how the e~commerce section and its affiliates work was firstly to become one. Thus I explored the hands on approach ensuring that my knowledge I was going to share was current and up to date [as far as a constantly changing internet environment will allow that is].  As I was experimenting I found

1).. out and practiced some of the steps involved [ like going to the TConnect page weekly]

2) that  looking at all the ECA and choosing other ECA's to follow.

3) by promoting some of the products that ECA's have. Helps to know where and how to embed the product codes on blogs, how to catch the attention of a viewer when writing a post highlighting the embedded ECA's product or service.

4) keeping up to date with the reading of forums and 'AskSC' I am of the belief that this is an important and beneficial step for any ECA to accomplish.

5) being able to slip into the conversations with future ECA's just how TC gift Cards and TC Gift Certificates are a very good complementary marketing tools a comprehensive package is being put forward.  Hence - just being an ECA is good.  But being an interactive and approachable ECA who has a fuller understanding of what both SFI and TripleClicks has to offer both themselves and their consumers ultimately allows the ECA to be proactive with the marketing concepts and timeline..

6) by creating a bigger set of ready made blog posts which are easily altered to suit the ECA inquiries.

The above has deepened my knowledge and understanding basis.  Thus the confidence and belief in how the ECA system works comes through when I approach these people.

Trust and understanding due to busy timetables is built as each ECA is being assisted in their potential.  It is not a matter of what I have you cannot have.  But rather that understanding and trust is duplicatable when assistance is offered.

In other words This is my ECA site and now, together, we will work on yours.

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