Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to list SFI products for sale.

In a physical shop your products sell and therefore need to be replaced on the shelves.  New products are purchased and also need to go on a shelf.  Placing new products on display in the window for people to be drawn into your store is a constant challenge.

With TripleClicks the real world hassles of business are reduced.   So to are costs such as staffing and utilities expenses.

However the same two primary challenges are still there.  These are creating a good customer basis as well as changing the products on 'view'.  That is right. The online store space you have is considered real estate.  Which means that you treat your virtual shelves' with replenishing due to turn over and introduction of new lines.  The consumers get hot deals, great incentives, and service with a smile!  The flip side of this is of course the paperwork!  So why not start the process here.

Firstly be aware of what you can and cannot do .  
Read the ECA Guidelines. Creating this awareness removes unnecessary situations and work.

How to make a list of products 

  • Sort out the product range.
  • Take photos, make diagrams.
  • Make a list.
  • Work out the shipping costs.
  • Upload the items to sell.
  • Submit the products to TripleClicks.
  • What 12 products are you going to feature> The list of products you may upload is unlimited with 12 featured one though.
  • When you start as an ECA there and then you may put forward a few products for sale.

You have a service that the consumer cannot take away with them.  Is that a problem?
There are many services that e~commerce Affiliates may want to promote through TripleClicks such as computer services, hotel accommodation, digital products, tutoring services and such.  How do you load these up?

The easiest answer is to sell a package.  The aim is to attract future customers into using your service while the giving of the service will also create a loop thus - attract that same consumer and the referrals back to using TripleClicks as well.    Bjane stated that this presents three interested parties, those of the e~commerce Affiliate [ECA], the CSA [Affiliate] and the Corporate [SFI] who have repeat business designs.

On going promotion
Like anything when you know where to go as well as how to 'do-it' things like displaying your products come with greater ease.  After all repetition is a key to success.  Uploading a new product effectively is like changing your virtual window displays. The affiliates who are following your products are offered notified of these new products.  Now the affiliates may start spreading your products around.  The more they go around the greater the potemtial of further sales.

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