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Why use your TCs to bid yourself into the next Team Level ?

As the end of the month draws nearer you begin to wonder if you are going to make that next Team Leader level.  Your VP's are going up and down now....

  • You have gone through the Actions tabs every day. 
  • Built onto platforms that have you following others in the hope that they will follow you. 
  • Plastered adverts all over the net. 
  • Brought in people through to TripleClicks who do not want to take advantage of earning second income but remain customers for life [ however you get to keep the VP's etc from their sales]. 
  • Actually added to the AskSC questions and answers.  
  • Had a few bids on the PriceBenders auctions and noticed that the TripleClicks [TC] might have gone down in number but the Member Related Points [MRP]have gone up.

Hang on there on the VersaPoints list it says you need how many VP's to get you to your next level.  As you were bidding the VP were going up in number. So lets follow the process through just so that you can understand better how and why you too can

How did you gain the VP anyway?
Through some of the following methods:
  • Your sponsor has transferred some of their TC's into your account.
  • You have played the Pick-the-Price game several times this month and won a few TC's.
  • You purchased your own TC Packs  throughout the month.
  • You brought items and services from the TripleClicks Product Listings that are allocated bonus TC's within the purchase price.
Better yet you placed a standing order last month receiving the extra 100 TC's attached for doing so.

When you win a PriceBenders Auction can you pay with TC's?

Not Quite - but in effect YES.  

When you first choose your ' methods of payment' you could pay your banks 'plastic cards', Payoneer Card, PayPal / BizCom [or similar] or your MRP's.  So if there is not enough in your bank account today to pay for the item you have bid on have your MRP's gone down?

Check out your MRP Ledger.
This ledger is recording how you come by or spend your MRP's.

  •  Get to this through the TripleClicks page.  
  • And then the Member Center.  
  • Scroll down to the bottom left side and have a look at your MRP ledger.

Check out your own score board

Now why is there a limit on the TC's you can use at the PriceBenders Auctions?

Now this answer I do not have.  However there is a limit of 500 TC's per month that you may use to bid with.  And these 500 bids may just be the thing that gets you to that next team leader level.

How do I gain those TC's for bidding again?

Purchasing these TC's in larger pack amounts, 
winning TC's through the PriceBenders Auctions, 
TripleClicks games, 
Wave3 monthly additions,
  answering AskSC questions- gaining a placement in the first three most liked answers,
In the effort to assist those sponsored under you to their next Team Leader level you have spent time and other incidental costs accumulating.  100 VP's have come your way
 Having one of your new ECA's first products uploaded onto TripleClicks, 
make obtaining TC's an encouraging method of reaching for that next personal best team leader level.

Why go onto the next Team Leader level?

Simply once you are an Executive Affiliate you obtain a share of the Executive pool money. Simply put .. check your score board as it tracks how what you are doing is affecting  the monthly commissions % share of the Executive Pool.  Effectively the bigger your combined percentages the higher the money coming your way.  So you keep doing the To-Do-List on a daily, weekly and forth schedule.

Remember that once you are at least a Bronze Team Leader  [with over 3,000 VP's] you get matching VP's on all your downline within 6 levels.  The higher your personal team level the deeper the levels depth [- up to 12 levels]

Have you thought how the forfeited Affiliates are taken care of?  They become Co-Sponsored Affiliates [CSA].  Essentially someone else brought them in,  They left and you have 'adopted' them.  The higher the team leader level you are the higher the CPA shares allocated to you are going to be.

This strategy also is used when the allocation of the TCredit Bonus occurs for the ECA's and above.

Did I mention that the badge on your member page changes as well.

In summary

People like to be part of a team which has direction and is inclusively taking people with it on the journey of discovery. Some may choose to wait and hitch a lift on someone else's cart.  Do not fret about it.  Your 'job' is to take care of those who choose to come along with you.  Meanwhile using strategies from which others in your team can put to use and draw the ones left behind back into your wake when they are ready to travel forward too.

The higher the levels you gain the greater your ability to 'Pay it Forward' rewarding and encouraging your team to move forward with you as well.

Good luck and see you there.

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