Monday, 15 April 2013

How to grow your understanding through 'chatting' and sharing!

I really enjoy Strong Futures International's 'a2a section'.  This 'a2a' is where SFI has an option
SFI provides 'a2a' so that affiliates can chat among friends.
Try it.  Much information and support is shared
on a one to one basis.  : D
for you to broaden your internet connections... one affiliate to another affiliate [thus the name a2a!]. Simply a chat with someone else on a one to one basis.

This is an example of something that was shared with another affiliate.

One thing I do do it create my own 'How to' site external of SFI.  By reading the 'Forums' and 'AskSC'  there is so much information all over the place that I got confused.  So I began to copy and pate.  Not publish as the words were then not my own so I would save the information.  And go looking for more on that topic.   There was lots of it - I began just taking what I could understand.  

Last I rewrote a post concentrating on one aspect of the merged information.  Currently looking at ways transactions are made in India.  So the external links will be to those banking sites and other external testimonials.  Internal links to other published posts I have written.  When the post has been written references to the original people and resources is given.  As well that orginial pasted information is removed from the blogs 'saved but not published list'

Also [when I remember] I write from the blog and copy and paste to SFI.  Otherwise I copy and paste from what I write on SFI leadership pages or emails [like this one] back to the blog. Leaves a halo effect on the site when I do this copy and pasting from SFI to Blogger though.

The aim of the blog originally was just SFI stuff.  Now the blogs focus is my journey... working from home.

Check out what I mean on - scroll down and follow on 'Followers' section.

There is also one tab with the SFI gateways invitations.

Google communities [] is not about promoting SFI products oir services - but rather your experiences, plans, discussion topics.    The links can be direct to your SFI external blog and other places like Affiliate Networking posts that help people with their SFI endeavours.

Hope that is information will further things for you as well.

SFI is a large business.  Full to capacity for learning and thus confusion. It is through chatting with other affiliates that thoughts and concepts that are incorrect are corrected - thankfully this has been done for and to me as well.  Which in turn lead me to correcting one bit of information I thought I knew, but as it was not quite right was causing a stumbling block in my own understanding.

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